December 24, 2016


Friday 23rd December 2016

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DEARNE VALLEYAdwick Washlands (SE4602) – 1cc MARSH HARRIER SW (Gary Stones per Twitter)

DEARNE VALLEYOld Moor (SE4302) – 3 Little Egret, 50 Cormorant, 43 Goosander, 3 PINTAIL, 1+ BEARDED TIT heard only (Barnsley BSG per Twitter and today’s RSPB-DEARNE VALLEY-RECENT SIGHTINGS)

DON VALLEYRawmarshHigh Street – 1 Buzzard WSW @ 8.30am (Per today’s SHEFFIELD BIRD STUDY GROUP-RECENT NEWS)

DON VALLEYSprotbrough Flash (SE5300F) – 1 (1cy) GANNET down and showing well @ 12.00; 2 RAVEN (Chris Johnson)

DON VALLEYThorpe Marsh (SE5909Z) – 10 Shoveler and 1 WILLOW TIT (Neil Shaw)

HAMPOLE TIP AREA (SE4911 and SE5011) – 1 RED KITE over A638 near the Tip (Colin Bradford per Twitter)

POTTERIC CARR (SE5999, SE6099, SE5900 and SE6000) – 5 Shelduck, 21 Wigeon, 200 Teal, c.30 Pochard, 1 BITTERN, 1 Little Egret, 2 Buzzard over M18; 2 Kestrel, 9 Snipe, 1 Chiffchaff (Sue Bird and Roger Bird). For further detail see today’s YWT-POTTERIC CARR-SIGHTINGS BLOG.

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LOCALWeather: mainly cloudy/overcast with occasional clear skies during the early hours and the evening, mainly dry but with some heavy rain during the late afternoon. Visibility: good/very good until late morning; excellent until mid-afternoon; briefly good, then very good until late afternoon, excellent until early evening; then very good thereafter. Temperatures: +4.2° to +10.6°C. Wind: very light-light-moderate/strong with gusts from 31-45mph-moderate-light; variable in direction mainly SSW/WSW occasionally S and W. Surface pressure at 0000UTC: 1028hPa-1011hPa-1018hPa. Fronts etc.: a N/SW cold front moved E over the District during the late afternoon.



MOON PHASE – Waning crescent
Crown copyright 2016, the Met Office

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