March 24, 2020


Tuesday 24th March 2020

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Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic it has been decided to cancel future DDOS meetings until September by which time hopefully things will be calmed down. If, by any chance, the September meeting cannot take place this message will be updated.

During the Pandemic please keep yourself and others safe by maintaining your physical distance from others – science suggests at least 2m to be on the safe side but you should only leave home to shop for basic necessities, one form of exercise per day, to help a vulnerable person or to go to work where your work is essential and cannot be done from home. Please remember that, should you catch the virus it is not only yourself that you are putting at risk of illness and even death.


Regrettably, due to recent government guidance however confused that may be, I have decided to suspend this blog until safer times. I do not wish to encourage people to go out unnecessarily. However, if you are out doing your once daily exercise or preferably sky-watching from your garden and you see anything of note but you don’t use Birdtrack or Ebird personally, if you email the sightings direct to  I will be more than happy to put them on for you. You can also text them to 07534271254 or WhatsApp them to me or phone me. I will try and do a monthly report early in the following month. Today’s reports have been added to Birdtrack.

Please note that all RSPB and YWT Reserves are closing and they are also suspending their blogs for the same reason.


LOCAL Weather: clear skies and dry throughout. Temperatures: +4°C to 0°C to +15°C to +?°C. Wind: 8mph-14mph, wholly from within the SE quarter, mainly S. Visibility: very good/good throughout. Surface pressure: 1026hPa-1022hPa-102?hPa. Fronts etc.: none.


Crown copyright 2020, the Met Office.
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