Spotted Fly Survey 2014

The species selected for the Doncaster Bird Census 2014 is Spotted Flycatcher. 
I’m hoping we can achieve full coverage of all likely sites in the DDOS area this summer.
Its a species which has declined significantly in the UK and locally since the 1970s, so it will be very interesting to see what population and distribution we can discover in 2014. 
Would you please be able to post a message on the website, showing the attached table, which lists the main sites/locations to be checked.  No doubt there are more.  But for now, I’m simply asking for volunteer observers to put their name against one or more of these sites, so we can establish which areas will get the coverage required. We can then work on what extra coverage needs doing to plug the gaps.
Observers are requested to visit their chosen locations in the period June 7th to July 27th , so just an 7 weeks window of opportunity. At least 3 visits should be made spread across that period, but I will leave it up to the observers how they achieve that, as its their time and their knowledge, and choosing good weather days (and warm still evenings) that will provide the results. 
Likely locations will be the old church yards, walled gardens, halls/large houses, woodland edges. Its surprising how secretive Spotted Flycatchers can be, so patience as ever will help. 
Volunteers can e-mail me at to register their chosen site from the attached table please. If they can do that before the end of May, that would be helpful. 
Hope that’s all, thanks as ever for the support.
It is hoped that the attached table can be updated each week giving details of the areas already covered and the number of pairs noted and thereby letting observers know which areas require attention.
Nick’s table of areas to be covered can be viewed by clicking HERE

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