This blog is sponsored by the Doncaster and District Ornithological Society (which has kindly agreed to pay the domain fees for 2012) and forms an integral part of the doncasterbirding.co.uk website it gives a daily update of the birds at the various birding sites in and around Doncaster, loosely based on the Doncaster & District Ornithological Society’s area of 10 mile radius of the junction of South Parade, Hallgate and Thorne road, but also includes areas around the above area which Doncaster Birders regularly visit. It depends upon contributors sending in records and it is hoped that we will be able to restart the publication of the Doncaster Bird Report in the near future based on the records submitted to the blog. Obviously, some records will be of sensitive breeding species, but these will not be entered on the daily blog but will just be used in the annual report in a way that does not endanger any future breeding attempts.

Records can be left on the blog in the Comments section or they can be emailed to me at Sabsgull@hotmail.co.uk

Abbreviations used in blog postings

b – ‘booming’; c – calling; cy – calendar year; dr – ‘drumming’; E – East, f – female; h – heard; imm – immature; m – male; N – North; S – South; s – singing; su – summer; W – West; wi – winter.

Disclaimer – All records on this site have been submitted by volunteers. Please be advised that the content of these records has not been thoroughly checked, and the Doncaster Birding cannot guarantee the validity of the information found here. If you spot any mistakes, omissions or other errors in the information provided , please contact us via the comments box, and we will endeavour to amend the relevant records.

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